Frequently Asked Questions

Tellyvizion is a virtual agent for artists and entertainers to manage their entire career online. A platform created BY artists and entertainers, FOR artists and entertainers, in order to maximize the revenue they receive for their work. We provide you with all the necessary tools for success across multiple platforms, as well as get you paid by user likes on our site. We also have artist donations that you can receive from artists and/or users that will be cashed out each month, along with your video performance cash.
Once you register as a user on Tellyvizion, you will be able to create your profile page, upload your resume, sync your frequently used media platforms, and begin sharing across all platforms with just the push of a button.
All originally created programming is accepted by Tellyvizion, videos about arts and entertainment, with the exception of some adult content. We vet out all of our content on the platform to guarantee only quality productions will be posted for our viewers. Simply share your art with us, and once approved your content will be showcased on Tellyvizion.
Artists get paid on platform based user likes and donations. All registered user likes and donations are calculated on your analytics page for you to see. At the end of every month, a check will be sent to the address you have provided at registration.
The amount of data for each video has to be kept under 10 GB for a feature film, 5 GB for a short film, and the rest will be determined by the Tellyvizion team upon approval.
All taxes are the responsibility of the artist and the tax laws governed by their state.
You can cancel your account and subscription at any time. Go to your settings page and follow the instructions to cancel. If you have any problems please send an email to
Post your videos on Tellyvizion and share through our platform across all other platforms. Let your fans know that on Tellyvizion you get paid by user and viewer likes and donations are welcome. 100% of donations go the artist and entertainer.
If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email us at:
There are no refunds for donations sent to artists. However, please email us immediately and explain, in full, the reason for requesting a refund. We will consider extreme cause refunds. If you feel that you purchased a subscription in error, a refund will be issued within the first 48 hours of purchase, as long as there have not been any viewing credits used on artist films or videos.
Donations are given to the artist by fans and viewers like you. Our artists have spent their time and money to create the content for your enjoyment. The donation is a way to give back to the artist community for their hard work and creation. Please Note ***Artist Donations are NOT Tax Deductible***
No. You are solely responsible for obtaining ALL permissions, licenses and consents for all uploaded content. This includes, but is not limited to: music, logos, still images, interviews, etc.
Your Likes help the Artist get paid. Most platforms pay the artist based on advertising rolls of a commercial (platforms choice) and keep most of the profits for themselves. At Tellyvizion, we value our fantastic artists and give them a better option to get paid.
Some artists will provide their own contact or management information for future bookings and/or performances. Feel free to reach out directly to those artists and hire them for your shows.
The artists themselves determine if their content will be provided free to users or if there will be a ticket cost to view the show or video. You can either pay a one-time fee to view the content or purchase a Tellyvizion subscription that will include credits to view paid content.
Tellyvizion premium viewing subscriptions allows viewers to avoid watching advertisements in the videos, as well as, receiving credits to watch premium content from artists for free. (All details are provided on our Subscription page.)